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110.996662MB out of 700MB until our first CD release!!!


ghbrvlowabrvfladberogvlwrvfwlo games is a game developers community, whose aim is to get some profit at last.
Every game submitted to this site fills a meter. When the meter is full, we will assemble a CD with these games and a cool demo-style menu, booklet and some other cool art. The idea is that its obviously hard to sell a game, unless it is of sparkling quality. ghbrvlowabrvfladberogvlwrvfwlo games, however, prefer quantity over quality, and we will prove that a CD full of crapgames will sell better than any single game.

The process

Legal stuff

Every one who joins this community accept the fact, that someone else will profit from his game as well. ghbrvlowabrvfladberogvlwrvfwlo games holds no rights to these games, people who made them do. But by uploading a game here, you accept that someone will be able to sell your game, but since you will be able to sell his game too, I guess it's pretty fair.

The name

I rolled my head on the keyboard to get this domain. You should be astonished by this fact! You may call this site "a site that no one will find with games that no one wants to play".

Site rules



 * you can buy it       *
 * you can steal it too *
 * you can sell it      *
 * even if you stole it *
 *        but...        *
 * if you stole it      *
 * and plan to sell it  *
 * you can't do it sober*
 * get some rum before  *
 * like real pirates do *
 *        also...       *
 * i know it's lame     *
 * but you read it all  *
 * that's the point :)  *
 *      conclusion      *
 * har har har          *
 * yo ho ho             *
 * bottle o'rum         *
 * and thar she blows!  *

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER! ghbrvlowabrvfladberogvlwrvfwlo is a trademark protected by international laws. Using this name for personal or corporational as well as pronouncing this name in public will be prosecuted. Thank you.